Air conditioner units are an indispensable & becoming a very important item of our day by day life, Regardless of whether it's installed in-home or office. Air conditioner requires regular & professional maintenance to function effectively and efficiently throughout the years. Therefore, it’s much important that you choose the right AC maintenance, AC repair, Ac Gas Refilling, Ac Service wisely.


It’s important to take care of your air conditioning unit so it lasts longer, works better, and helps you keep energy costs down. Air conditioner maintenance is important to ensure an efficient and reliable unit that will serve you for years to come. When your conditioned air isn’t cold enough or is humid, it’s time to schedule an air conditioner maintenance service.

Our AC Repair Services

When your HVAC system is beyond repair and replacement is indispensable, turn to AL RAQI for reliable AC installation services. You should not expect your heating or air conditioning system to be optimally efficient if it isn’t installed properly. Poorly installed systems not only need constant repair work but also run high electricity bills. AC Repair Services experts use top-of-the-line tools and techniques to make sure that it has been installed with utmost precision and perfection and is operating at peak efficiency.

AL RAQ is offering the following AC repairing services:

• Thermostat repairs and replacement

• Central air unit repairs

• Compressor and refrigerant replacement and repairs

• Multi-zone air conditioning system repairing

• The central air conditioning system

• A broken or dysfunctional fan in the outdoor unit

• Emergency repair services



Key Benefits of the Service

As your cooling or heating system gets older, it loses efficiency, and resultantly, you struggle to maintain your desired level of cold or heat in your indoor environment. AC Maintenance and Services technicians can upgrade your HVAC system to improve its performance, maximize its energy efficiency and provide you better temperature control.

Extend the System's Life              

 Purify Air Quality

 Reduces Humidity Indoors

 Add-on System Upgrades

 Increase System Efficiency

 Improve Health

 Clear Out Unwanted Pests

 Adds Security Protection

 Eliminates Extra Noise

 Makes Life More Comfortable